Season 3 Episode 3

Mallory testifies to Matt's inability to commit the crime he's accused of, Marco Polo visits the future to see how his namesake has affected future generations, and at a charity auction, a bidding war reaches levels beyond mere money.

Starry Starry FightEdit

Is killion even a number?

Starry Starry Fight02:31

Starry Starry Fight

Hibiscus BisqueEdit

I love Bisque.

Hibiscus Bisque06:03

Hibiscus Bisque

Spoiler AlertEdit

Stop spoiling it!

Spoiler Alert02:25

Spoiler Alert

Love From AfarEdit

Be still my heart...

Love From Afar03:06

Love From Afar

One Angry ManEdit

A man finds it difficult to prove he's guilty.

One Angry Man - Studio C03:39

One Angry Man - Studio C

Captain Literally ReturnsEdit

Captain Literally is back.

Captain Literally Returns02:29

Captain Literally Returns

Marco PoloEdit

Historical figures find out how they will be remembered.

Marco Polo03:31

Marco Polo


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Starry Starry Fight 1,110,000+ 99.3%
Hibiscus Bisque 1,230,000+ 98.5%
Spoiler Alert 2,280,000+ 99.3%
Love From Afar 2,130,000+ 98.7%
One Angry Man 2,140,000+ 98.9%
Captain Literally Returns 1,310,000+ 99.2%
Marco Polo 1,280,000+ 99.0%


  • Jason appears in six out of seven sketches in this episode, the only sketch he doesn't appear in is Hibiscus Bisque. Mallory, Whitney, Matt, James and Jeremy all appear in five sketches.
  • Stacey only appears twice, in Starry Starry Fight and Love From Afar.
  • This episode also features Bisque Man and Captain Literally.
  • All sketches have more than one million views.
  • The sketch with the worst rating is Hibiscus Bisque, the sketch with Bisque Man.

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