Season 3 Episode 2

Matt's parents invested ALL of his inheritance, a hungry friend gets rather emotional after losing something very dear to him at a funeral, and Hank plans an unusual surprise party.

Beanie Baby InvestmentEdit

Beanie Baby Investment seemed like a good idea in the 90s. Well maybe not so much anymore.

Beanie Baby Investment - Studio C02:13

Beanie Baby Investment - Studio C

Surprise Party SlaughterEdit

Eavesdropping can be dangerous.

Surprise Party Slaughter03:05

Surprise Party Slaughter

Brain Freeze FuneralEdit

Is it disrespectful when you're really hungry?

Brain Freeze Funeral04:05

Brain Freeze Funeral

Snape on The BacheloretteEdit

This really isn't a hard decision Mallory.

Snape on The Bachelorette04:31

Snape on The Bachelorette

Practical PhilosophyEdit

And they said philosophy was a useless major.

Practical Philosophy04:36

Practical Philosophy

Worst Trainer EverEdit

Who wouldn't want this guy as a trainer?

Worst Trainer Ever01:58

Worst Trainer Ever

Would You RatherEdit

Would you rather kiss Jason or cut off your own arm with a pocket knife?

Would You Rather04:45

Would You Rather


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Beanie Baby Investment 1,110,000+ 98.4%
Surprise Party Slaughter 1,740,000+ 99.4%
Brain Freeze Funeral 1,560,000+ 98.1%
Snape on The Bachelorette 2,240,000+ 98.4%
Practical Philosophy 1,940,000+ 99.4%
Worst Trainer Ever 2,370,000+ 98.4%
Would You Rather 2,660,000+ 99.2%


  • Matt and Jason appear in six out of seven sketches, Matt only doesn't appear in Surprise Party Slaughter, Jason doesn't appear in Brain Freeze Funeral.
  • Natalie only appears in Brain Freeze Funeral, but she also has a speaking role in Would You Rather, where she doesn't appear.
    • Jared Shores appears in one sketch as well, that being Worst Trainer Ever.
  • This episode features the first instalment of Worst... EVER.
  • Surprise Party Slaughter holds one of the highest ratings of the entire series, let alone one of the highest ratings of Season 3. Practical Philosophy is also close behind, both hold a rating of around 99.4%.

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