Season 3 Episode 10

Santa learns new ways to show his love at Christmas, Kyle's mom takes him to the mall to visit Santa, and Christmas is not complete without toys coming to life.

March of the Toy SoldierEdit

Do not over work your toys!

March of the Toy Soldier02:19

March of the Toy Soldier

Harry Potter Accidentally Kisses Professor McGonagallEdit

Standing under mistletoe at Hogwarts is risky business.

Harry Potter Accidentally Kisses Professor McGonagall01:53

Harry Potter Accidentally Kisses Professor McGonagall

Christmas CardsEdit

Neighborly love manifest via Christmas cards.

Christmas Cards05:52

Christmas Cards

Santa's Love LanguagesEdit

Santa is giving gifts differently this year.

Santa's Love Languages02:32

Santa's Love Languages

Celine Dion Goes Christmas CarolingEdit

If you carol with Celine Dion, just plan on being upstaged.

Celine Dion Goes Christmas Caroling03:47

Celine Dion Goes Christmas Caroling

Kyle's Very Hyper HolidayEdit

Mall Santa's have a tough gig.

Kyle's Very Hyper Holiday03:12

Kyle's Very Hyper Holiday

Ghostbuster CarolEdit

Christmas is a busy time of year for the Ghostbusters.

Ghostbuster Carol03:23

Ghostbuster Carol

Studio C GrinchEdit

How the Grinch stole Studio C.

Studio C Grinch03:43

Studio C Grinch


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
March of the Toy Soldier 600,000+ 97.2%
Harry Potter Accidently Kisses Professor McGonagall 1,140,000+ 97.5%
Christmas Cards 2,210,000+ 98.9%
Santa's Love Languages 830,000+ 98.6%
Celine Dion Goes Christmas Caroling 800,000+ 98.6%
Kyle's Very Hyper Holiday 1,820,000+ 99.2%
Ghostbuster Carol 840,000+ 98.5%
Studio C Grinch 1,370,000+ 97.1%


  • This is the sixth special of Season 3.
  • Matt appears in all sketches.
    • For several characters it is unknown which cast member plays them.
  • This special features Kyle and a Harry Potter sketch.
  • The longest sketch Christmas Cards is also the most viewed sketch.
  • Four out of eight sketches haven't reached one million views yet.
  • The sketch with recurring character Kyle is the highest rated sketch of this episode.
  • The first and last sketch of this special, respectively March of the Toy Soldier and Studio C Grinch are the two lowest rated sketches of this episode.
  • The Dementor that appears in Harry Potter Accidently Kisses Professor McGonagall also appears in Ghostbuster Carol as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

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