Season 3 Episode 1

Professor Wilcox teaches the subtle and sophisticated art of photo bombing, Matt tells his dad about a fight at school, and the Shoulder Angel turns to his own shoulder angel for guidance.

The Wrong SketchEdit

Season three of Studio C is here!

The Wrong Sketch04:46

The Wrong Sketch

Photobombing 101Edit

Photobombing is a science.

Photobombing 10104:16

Photobombing 101

Every Fight EverEdit

Laughing so hard right now.

Every Fight Ever03:03

Every Fight Ever

Deal BreakerEdit

It's either me or the mustache.

Featuring guest stars Mates of State.

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)03:51

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)


Some people just don't know how to fight.

Featuring guest star Stan Ellsworth.



Shoulder Angel AngelEdit

Everyone needs a little advice.

Featuring guest star McKay Jacobsen.

Shoulder Angel Angel04:06

Shoulder Angel Angel


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
The Wrong Sketch 2,330,000+ 98.7%
Photobombing 101 2,020,000+ 98.9%
Every Fight Ever 2,170,000+ 98.9%
Deal Breaker 1,420,000+ 96.8%
WWFather 1,240,000+ 98.7%
Shoulder Angel Angel 1,490,000+ 99.0%


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