Season 2 Favorites

Tune in to watch the Studio C cast give fun remarks on the Top 10 sketches from Season 2, including "Gandalf Intervention," "Drivers Ed," and "Poker Face."

Gandalf InterventionEdit

Gandalf needs a little help.

Gandalf Intervention04:26

Gandalf Intervention

Gollum's Internal StruggleEdit

How many personalities does Sméagol have?

Gollum's Internal Struggle04:14

Gollum's Internal Struggle

Captain LiterallyEdit

Balance restored!

Captain Literally, Part 101:50

Captain Literally, Part 1

Captain Literally, Part 201:10

Captain Literally, Part 2

Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers EdEdit

"To drive is to die."


Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed

Poker FaceEdit

Poker is not for the faint of heart.

Poker Face05:05

Poker Face


Whole Foods is great, but there are some drawbacks.



Lady ShadowEdit

Lady Shadow never stops... never!

Lady Shadow04:10

Lady Shadow

Facebook Friends SongEdit

The most annoying people on your newsfeed.

Facebook Friends Song03:51

Facebook Friends Song

Five Day Weather ForecastEdit

The weather isn't as predictable as we would like.

Five Day Weather Forecast04:05

Five Day Weather Forecast

Lobster BisqueEdit

The Lobster Bisque is the best!

Lobster Bisque04:34

Lobster Bisque


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Gandalf Intervention 1,220,000+ 98.8%
Gollum's Internal Struggle 1,160,000+ 98.3%
Captain Literally, Part 1 1,530,000+ 99.0%
Captain Literally, Part 2 1,300,000+ 99.2%
Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed 1,270,000+ 98.6%
Poker Face 4,230,000+ 99.0%
Naturally 2,640,000+ 99.0%
Lady Shadow 1,850,000+ 99.1%
Facebook Friends Song 2,270,000+ 98.4%
Five Day Weather Forecast 4,150,000+ 98.5%
Lobster Bisque 1,750,000+ 98.4%


  • This episode is the fourth special of Studio C, and also the fourth special of Season 3, after The Best of Studio C, Season 3 Episode 4 and Season 1 Favorites.
  • This episode only features sketches from Season 2.
  • The sketches in this episode were voted to be the favorites of Season 2 on Facebook.
    • However, these sketches are not the best rated sketches of Season 2 on YouTube, nor are they the most viewed sketches.
  • This episode features eleven sketches, only one sketch fewer than Season 1 Favorites.
  • Matt appears in ten out of eleven sketches, he does not appear in Lobster Bisque. Jason appears in nine sketches, which is every sketch but Lobster Bisque and Naturally.
  • Jared Shores makes a cameo appearance in Facebook Friends Song.
  • This special features recurring characters Captain Literally, Mr. Eckelstone, Lady Shadow and the Bisque Man.
    • This episode also features Mattory.
  • Poker Face and Five Day Weather Forecast are the only two sketches with more than four million views.
    • Naturally and Facebook Friends Song are the only other sketches to have reached two million views.
  • For more trivia about the original episodes of these sketches, click on the titles of the sketches.

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