Season 2 Episode 9

A tango competition gets a little sticky, Jason Bourne faces his greatest challenge yet, and deathbed repentance is trickier than expected.

El Tango De ChairEdit

It takes two, and a chair, to tango. Matt would rock in a wheelchair and wheel in a rocking chair!

El Tango de Chair02:32

El Tango de Chair

Jason Bourne Meets DobbyEdit

Worlds collide when Jason Bourne meets Dobby the House Elf.

Jason Bourne Meets Dobby03:53

Jason Bourne Meets Dobby

Gift ExchangeEdit

Girls can be so hard to please.

Gift Exchange02:57

Gift Exchange


There's always an excuse.



We Need an Answer, Mr. PresidentEdit

The President has a lot of hard decisions to make.

We Need an Answer, Mr03:03

We Need an Answer, Mr. President

Just Jeremy DisguiseEdit

Jeremy has some competition...

Just Jeremy Disguise01:48

Just Jeremy Disguise

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class ReunionEdit

It's going to be a long night.

Awkward Avoidance Viking Class Reunion01:49

Awkward Avoidance Viking Class Reunion

Death Bed RepentanceEdit

This family has a lot of unfinished business...

Death Bed Repentance - Studio C05:16

Death Bed Repentance - Studio C


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
El Tango de Chair 690,000+ 99.2%
Jason Bourne Meets Dobby 1,320,000+ 98.9%
Gift Exchange 1,280,000+ 99.3%
Cowboys 1,240,000+ 98.6%
We Need an Answer, Mr. President 1,150,000+ 99.1%
Just Jeremy: Disguise 480,000+ 97.5%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class Reunion 850,000+ 99.3%
Death Bed Repentance 1,470,000+ 99.2%


  • Jason, Whitney, Matt, James and Jeremy appear in all but two sketches this episode.
    • In comparison, Natalie only appears twice. Stacey also appears twice, but this is excluding El Tango de Chair, where his voice can be heard.
  • This episode features the fifth Just Jeremy, as well as the sixth Awkward Avoidance Viking.
  • Gift Exchange is the highest rated sketch of this episode, followed close behind by Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class Reunion. This is one of the highest rated episodes of Season 2, five out of eight sketches currently hold a rating of higher than 99%.
    • This is less than with Season 2 Episode 6, where six out of eight sketches hold a rating of higher than 99%. However, this latter named episode has a sketch with a rating of 96% as well.
  • This instalment of Just Jeremy is the only Just Jeremy where another cast member appears.
  • Death Bed Repentance is the most viewed sketch of this episode. However, there are four other sketches within a 300,000-views difference.

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