Season 2 Episode 9

A tango competition gets a little sticky, Jason Bourne faces his greatest challenge yet, and deathbed repentance is trickier than expected.

El Tango De ChairEdit

It takes two, and a chair, to tango. Matt would rock in a wheelchair and wheel in a rocking chair!

El Tango de Chair02:32

El Tango de Chair

Jason Bourne Meets DobbyEdit

Worlds collide when Jason Bourne meets Dobby the House Elf.

Jason Bourne Meets Dobby03:53

Jason Bourne Meets Dobby

Gift ExchangeEdit

Girls can be so hard to please.

Gift Exchange02:57

Gift Exchange


There's always an excuse.



We Need an Answer, Mr. PresidentEdit

The President has a lot of hard decisions to make.

We Need an Answer, Mr03:03

We Need an Answer, Mr. President

Just Jeremy DisguiseEdit

Jeremy has some competition...

Just Jeremy Disguise01:48

Just Jeremy Disguise

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class ReunionEdit

It's going to be a long night.

Awkward Avoidance Viking Class Reunion01:49

Awkward Avoidance Viking Class Reunion

Death Bed RepentanceEdit

This family has a lot of unfinished business...

Death Bed Repentance - Studio C05:16

Death Bed Repentance - Studio C


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
El Tango de Chair 800,000+ 99.2%
Jason Bourne Meets Dobby 1,570,000+ 98.9%
Gift Exchange 1,470,000+ 99.3%
Cowboys 1,490,000+ 98.6%
We Need an Answer, Mr. President 1,340,000+ 99.1%
Just Jeremy: Disguise 560,000+ 97.6%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class Reunion 1,030,000+ 99.4%
Death Bed Repentance 1,730,000+ 99.2%


  • Jason, Whitney, Matt, James and Jeremy appear in all but two sketches this episode.
    • In comparison, Natalie only appears twice. Stacey also appears twice, but this is excluding El Tango de Chair, where his voice can be heard.
  • This episode features the fifth Just Jeremy, as well as the sixth Awkward Avoidance Viking.
  • Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class Reunion is the highest rated sketch of this episode, followed close behind by Gift Exchange. This is one of the highest rated episodes of Season 2, five out of eight sketches currently hold a rating of higher than 99%.
    • This is less than with Season 2 Episode 6, where six out of eight sketches hold a rating of higher than 99%. However, this latter named episode has a sketch with a rating of 96% as well.
  • This instalment of Just Jeremy is the only Just Jeremy where another cast member appears.
  • Death Bed Repentance is the most viewed sketch of this episode. However, there are four other sketches within a 300,000-views difference.

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