Season 2 Episode 7

The Indian in the Cupboard proves difficult to find, the Disney Vault comes under attack, and Jim Blonde gears up for his next mission.

Disney Vault InterrogationEdit

Tell us where the Disney vault is!

Disney Vault Interrogation - Studio C04:16

Disney Vault Interrogation - Studio C

Gossip PSAEdit

Gossip is like a sickness.

Gossip PSA01:05

Gossip PSA

The Indian in the CupboardEdit

Does anyone know where the Indian in the Cupboard is?

Real Life Indian in the Cupboard03:04

Real Life Indian in the Cupboard

Thesis DefenseEdit

Defending your thesis may be different than you think.

Thesis Defense03:03

Thesis Defense

Piñata DiariesEdit

A party from the perspective of a Piñata.

Piñata Diaries02:09

Piñata Diaries

What's in a NameEdit

Your name changes everything.

What's in a Name04:32

What's in a Name

Just Jeremy Scissor SafetyEdit


Just Jeremy Scissor Safety01:37

Just Jeremy Scissor Safety

Captain Literally, Part 3Edit

Captain Literally is literally back!

Captain Literally, Part 301:21

Captain Literally, Part 3

Q's ReplacementEdit

A spy is only as good as his gadgets.

Q's Replacement03:59

Q's Replacement


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Disney Vault Interrogation 1,680,000+ 98.9%
Gossip PSA 790,000+ 99.0%
Real Life Indian in the Cupboard 790,000+ 98.4%
Thesis Defense 1,480,000+ 99.2%
Piñata Diaries 960,000+ 99.3%
What's in a Name 2,250,000+ 98.7%
Just Jeremy: Scissor Safety 500,000+ 97.8%
Captain Literally, Part 3 1,140,000+ 98.5%
Q's Replacement 1,380,000+ 99.2%


  • This episode features the second sketch in which Jared Shores appears, after Welcome Back Song in Season 2 Episode 1.
  • Jason appears in all sketches this episode, except for Just Jeremy: Scissor Safety.
  • This episode features the sixth PSA sketch, the fourth Just Jeremy and the third Captain Literally.
  • Piñata Diaries is the highest rated sketch of this episode, with a rating of 99.3%.
  • Just Jeremy: Scissor Safety is the least watched sketch of this episode, and the worst rated sketch of this episode.
  • What's in a Name is the most viewed sketch featured in this episode, and it's the only sketch where only the four main cast members appear.

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