Season 2 Episode 6

Get a rare sneak peek behind the scenes of Studio C, watch as Gandalf confronts his biggest challenge yet, and see Ann go door to door renewing library cards.

Exploring BackstageEdit

Take a look at a typical backstage day at Studio C.

Exploring Backstage02:45

Exploring Backstage

Cut the WireEdit

It's more serious than you think.

Cut the Wire00:45

Cut the Wire


Whole Foods is great, but there are some drawbacks.



Hot Diggity DateEdit

Whitney meets Jason's family and reveals a very... unique talent.

Hot Diggity Date03:53

Hot Diggity Date

The Center for People That YouTube Made InfamousEdit

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous can help you.

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous03:35

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous

Gandalf InterventionEdit

Gandalf needs a little help.

Gandalf Intervention04:26

Gandalf Intervention

Awkward Avoidance Viking FootballEdit

He's Back!

Awkward Avoidance Viking Football01:50

Awkward Avoidance Viking Football

Ann Withers Goes Door to DoorEdit

You're never safe from Ann.

Ann Withers Goes Door to Door04:19

Ann Withers Goes Door to Door


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Exploring Backstage 1,360,000+ 99.3%
Cut the Wire 830,000+ 99.0%
Naturally 2,640,000+ 99.0%
Hot Diggity Date 1,170,000+ 96.9%
The Center for People That Youtube Made Infamous 1,960,000+ 99.0%
Gandalf Intervention 1,220,000+ 98.8%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Football 1,090,000+ 99.3%
Ann Withers Goes Door to Door 700,000+ 97.9%


  • Matt appears in every sketch, except for Ann Withers Goes Door to Door.
  • James only appears in Exploring Backstage.
  • Exploring Backstage is the highest rated sketch of this episode, with a rating of 99.3%. In comparison, Hot Diggity Date is the lowest rated sketch of the episode, with almost than 2.5% less.
    • Five out of eight sketches have a rating higher than 99%.
  • Naturally is the most watched sketch of this episode, possibly because of the direct reference to Mattory.
    • It's the only sketch with more than two million views.
  • This episode features the fifth PSA sketch, the second sketch with Ann Withers, and the fifth instalment of Awkward Avoidance Viking.

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