Season 2 Episode 5

Three doctors try a new treatment method, a young lawyer has his first experience in court, and Mr. Eckelstone teaches scouts the dangers of wilderness survival.

Touch UpEdit

A few adjustments go a long way.

Featuring guest star Viviane Quintela.

Touch Up02:33

Touch Up

The TreatmentEdit

There is a treatment for everything, no matter how annoying.

The Treatment - Studio C05:26

The Treatment - Studio C

Cursed CursiveEdit

Is cursive the root of all evil?

Cursed Cursive03:56

Cursed Cursive


Romance can bloom anywhere at anytime.



Judge NotEdit

Court drama?

Judge Not03:22

Judge Not

VISCIPAM Funny GirlfriendEdit

Girls are always funnier than boys.

VISCIPAM Funny Girlfriend03:05

VISCIPAM Funny Girlfriend

Mr. Eckelstone Hunting TripEdit

Mr. Eckelstone is back.


Mr. Eckelstone's Hunting Trip


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Touch Up 1,650,000+ 98.5%
The Treatment 2,260,000+ 98.7%
Cursed Cursive 1,190,000+ 97.8%
FauxPocalypse 1,230,000+ 98.7%
Judge Not 1,470,000+ 98.9%
VISCIPAM: Funny Girlfriend 1,090,000+ 97.7%
Mr. Eckelstone's Hunting Trip 810,000+ 98.6%


  • Matt appears in every sketch featured in this episode. Mallory doesn't appear in Mr. Eckelstone's Hunting Trip and Jason doesn't appear in Cursed Cursive.
  • This episode features the most sketches with guest stars so far. In Touch Up the guest star is Viviane Quintela, who plays the model. In VISCIPAM: Funny Girlfriend Jason's girlfriend is played by Jason's wife Jenny.
  • This episode features the second instalment of VISCIPAM and the second instalment with Mr. Eckelstone.
  • Judge Not is the highest rated sketch of this episode. VISCIPAM: Funny Girlfriend is the lowest rated sketch.
  • The Treatment is the only sketch with more than two million views.
    • Mr. Eckelstone's Hunting Trip is the only sketch with less than one million views.

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