Season 2 Episode 4

Good Cop and Bad Cop call in a friend for backup, the Great Kenny has his greatest magic trick yet, Captain Literally saves us from hyperbole, and the long awaited will of Ezekiel Josiah Worthington is read.

Ugly CopEdit

There's the good cop, the bad cop and the ugly cop.

Ugly Cop02:57

Ugly Cop

Papercut PSAEdit

It isn't a big deal, till it happens to you.

Papercut PSA00:46

Papercut PSA

Meant to Do ThatEdit

Just play it cool.

Meant to Do That03:21

Meant to Do That


Abra Kadabraaaaa!



Captain Literally, Part 1Edit

Introducing Captain Literally. Balance restored!

Captain Literally, Part 101:50

Captain Literally, Part 1

Captain Literally, Part 2Edit

Watch as Captain Literally goes out again to restore the balance, and fight wrong word usage.

Captain Literally, Part 201:10

Captain Literally, Part 2

Peter Pan's ShadowEdit

Sometimes your shadow just gets in the way.

Peter Pan's Shadow04:02

Peter Pan's Shadow

Just Jeremy T-Rex ArtEdit

Jeremy explores the incredible things the T-rex has done with such short arms.

Just Jeremy T-Rex Art01:51

Just Jeremy T-Rex Art

Last Will and TestamentEdit

Would you do this much for money?

Last Will and Testament04:02

Last Will and Testament


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Ugly Cop 990,000+ 98.8%
Papercut PSA 790,000+ 99.2%
Meant to Do That 1,610,000+ 98.6%
1-800-Phone-Magician 1,830,000+ 98.3%
Captain Literally, Part 1 1,530,000+ 99.0%
Captain Literally, Part 2 1,300,000+ 99.2%
Peter Pan's Shadow 1,280,000+ 99.1%
Just Jeremy: T-Rex Art 440,000+ 98.1%
Last Will and Testament 1,230,000+ 99.3%


  • Whitney appears in all sketches, except for Just Jeremy: T-Rex Art.
  • James only appears in Last Will and Testament, Adam and Natalie only appear in Captain Literally, Part 1.
  • This episode features the first two episodes of Captain Literally, the third Just Jeremy and the fourth PSA sketch.
  • This episode features the first time that Kenny Baldwin is part of a sketch, he's the magician in 1-800-Phone-Magician.
  • Captain Literally, Part 2 and Last Will and Testament are the two best rated sketches of this episode.
  • 1-800-Phone-Magician is the most viewed sketch of this episode, and aside from Just Jeremy: T-Rex Art, it's also the worst rated.

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