Season 2 Episode 3

Poker players give their inner thoughts, Ann helps a visitor find a good book, and the police chief tries to protect innocent ears.

Williamson DishwasherEdit

We Make your Plates so clean you can see your face in them.

Williamson Dishwasher02:10

Williamson Dishwasher

Rock, Paper, ScissorsEdit

Be careful who you play Rock, Paper, Scissors with.

Rock, Paper, Scissors00:47

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Poker FaceEdit


Poker Face05:05

Poker Face

Ann "The Librarian" WithersEdit

No library is safe.

Ann "The Librarian" Withers04:39

Ann "The Librarian" Withers

Grocery Bag ChallengeEdit

One trip is all you ever need.

Grocery Bag Challenge03:37

Grocery Bag Challenge

Background CheckEdit

Automated phone systems are more than frustrating.

Background Check03:14

Background Check

Just Jeremy: How to MustacheEdit

How to grow the perfect mustache.

Just Jeremy How To Mustache01:45

Just Jeremy How To Mustache

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Drive-ByEdit

Be Careful who you flirt with.

Awkward Avoidance Viking Drive-By01:53

Awkward Avoidance Viking Drive-By

Protecting the InnocentEdit

Bring your daughter to work day isn't so straight forward for ever profession.

Protecting the Innocent - Studio C03:23

Protecting the Innocent - Studio C


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Williamson Dishwasher 1,280,000+ 97.8%
Rock, Paper, Scissors 920,000+ 98.3%
Poker Face 4,230,000+ 99.0%
Ann "The Librarian" Withers 800,000+ 97.2%
Grocery Bag Challenge 1,780,000+ 98.8%
Background Check 1,260,000+ 99.0%
Just Jeremy: How To Mustache 570,000+ 97.6%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Drive-By 1,160,000+ 98.6%
Protecting the Innocent 2,590,000+ 99.3%


  • Adam and Stacey don't appear at all this episode.
  • Matt appears in the most sketches of this episode, he doesn't appear in Background Check and Just Jeremy: How To Mustache.
  • This episode features the first instalment of Ann Withers, the second instalment of Just Jeremy, the third instalment PSA sketch and the fourth Awkward Avoidance Viking.
  • Protecting the Innocent has the highest rating this episode, while the sketch with recurring character Ann Withers has the lowest rating, a rating just above 97%.
  • Poker Face is the sketch with the highest amount of views this episode. It's the fourth oldest sketch to have reached three million views, after Channel Surfing in Season 1 Episode 6, How Are You Feeling in Season 1 Episode 8 and Flirting Academy in Season 2 Episode 2.
    • Protecting the Innocent is the only other sketch with more than two million views.

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