Season 2 Episode 12

The weatherman gives his final five-day forecast, Gollum tries to work out his issues, and Shoulder Angel overcomes the Secret Service.

Bollyside StoryEdit

Be careful where you go at night.

Bollyside Story01:59

Bollyside Story

More Famous Last WordsEdit

Even more last words!

More Famous Last Words01:07

More Famous Last Words

Five Day Weather ForecastEdit

The weather isn't as predictable as we would like.

Five Day Weather Forecast04:05

Five Day Weather Forecast

Gollum's Internal StruggleEdit

How many personalities does Sméagol have?

Gollum's Internal Struggle04:14

Gollum's Internal Struggle

Facebook Friends SongEdit

The most annoying people on your newsfeed.

Facebook Friends Song03:51

Facebook Friends Song

Ann Withers Visits a WeddingEdit

Ann the Librarian is on the prowl.

Ann Withers Visits a Wedding04:13

Ann Withers Visits a Wedding

Just Jeremy Secrets RevealedEdit

I Let the dogs out.

Just Jeremy Secrets Revealed02:09

Just Jeremy Secrets Revealed

The End of Awkward Avoidance VikingEdit

What happens when the Awkward Avoidance Viking is awkward? Does the universe implode? It just might.

The End of Awkward Avoidance Viking01:48

The End of Awkward Avoidance Viking

Presidential Shoulder AngelEdit

Who needs a Shoulder Angel more than the President?

Presidential Shoulder Angel - Studio C02:43

Presidential Shoulder Angel - Studio C


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Bollyside Story 1,110,000+ 98.6%
More Famous Last Words 1,120,000+ 98.8%
Five Day Weather Forecast 4,140,000+ 98.5%
Gollum's Internal Struggle 1,160,000+ 98.3%
Facebook Friends Song 2,260,000+ 98.4%
Ann Withers Visits a Wedding 780,000+ 97.9%
Just Jeremy: Secrets Revealed 460,000+ 98.8%
The End of Awkward Avoidance Viking 1,020,000+ 99.1%
Presidential Shoulder Angel 1,120,000+ 99.3%


  • Matt and Jason appear in all but one sketch from this episode. They don't appear in Just Jeremy: Secrets Revealed.
  • Jared Shores appears in Facebook Friends Song.
  • This episode features the third sketch with Ann Withers, the second instalment of Famous Last Words, the seventh Just Jeremy, the final Awkward Avoidance Viking and the second sketch with the Shoulder Angel.
  • Five Day Weather Forecast is the most viewed sketch of this episode. It has reached four million views.
  • The sketches of recurring characters Shoulder Angel and Awkward Avoidance Viking are the two highest rated sketches of this episode. Both have a rating higher than 99%.
  • The sketch with recurring character Ann Withers is the worst rated sketch of this episode, with a rating lower than 98%.
  • Three out of four sketches without a recurring character are the three most viewed sketches of this episode. The only exception is Bollyside Story, which has the fifth highest amount of views.

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