Season 2 Episode 11

Roger's wobbly wheelbarrow is stolen, finding the drop is harder than it appears, and the characters of Candyland are in a financial crisis.

Robbing Roger Tongue TwisterEdit

Say that 10 times fast.

Robbing Roger Tongue Twister04:34

Robbing Roger Tongue Twister

Famous Last WordsEdit

Wish you'd never said that.

Famous Last Words01:22

Famous Last Words

Labor PainsEdit

Sympathy pains take on a new meaning.

Labor Pains05:09

Labor Pains

ER, Vet DivisionEdit

A new medical drama.

ER, Vet Division02:46

ER, Vet Division

The DropEdit

Wait for it...

The Drop02:20

The Drop

Just Jeremy: Balloon AnimalsEdit

How to make balloon animals, or destroy them.

Just Jeremy Balloon Animals01:43

Just Jeremy Balloon Animals

VISCIPAM: Little Man SyndromeEdit

Poor short people.

VISCIPAM Little Man Syndrome03:00

VISCIPAM Little Man Syndrome

Candyland Characters ConferenceEdit

Candy Land is in crisis mode.

Candyland Character Conference04:27

Candyland Character Conference


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Robbing Roger Tongue Twister 1,440,000+ 98.7%
Famous Last Words 1,470,000+ 98.1%
Labor Pains 1,970,000+ 97.5%
ER, Vet Division 1,380,000+ 98.8%
The Drop 990,000+ 99.2%
Just Jeremy: Balloon Animals 340,000+ 98.5%
VISCIPAM: Little Man Syndrome 790,000+ 98.4%
Candyland Character Conference 1,850,000+ 98.4%


  • This episode features the sixth Just Jeremy, the fourth VISCIPAM, the second Tongue Twister and the first part of Famous Last Words.
  • Labor Pains is the most viewed sketch of this episode, with Candyland Character Conference close behind.
  • The Drop holds the highest rating of this episode, being the only sketch with a rating higher than 99%.
  • Multiple cast members play multiple roles in Famous Last Words.

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