Season 2 Episode 1

Mr. Eckelstone teaches kids how to drive, Downton proves to be full of drama, and breaking up becomes more difficult than one might think.

Welcome Back SongEdit

Studio C is back!

Welcome Back Song03:50

Welcome Back Song

Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers EdEdit

"To drive is to die."


Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed

Downton DramaEdit

Drama is common place in Downton Abbey.

Downton Drama03:50

Downton Drama

Is This a DreamEdit

Dreams can feel so real.

Is This a Dream02:24

Is This a Dream

Lady ShadowEdit

Lady Shadow never stops... never!

Lady Shadow04:10

Lady Shadow


Sort before washing.



Operation BreakupEdit

Breaking up is hard.

Operation Breakup05:44

Operation Breakup


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Welcome Back Song 1,490,000+ 98.7%
Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed 1,270,000+ 98.6%
Downton Drama 1,000,000+ 97.4%
Is This a Dream 1,570,000+ 99.3%
Lady Shadow 1,850,000+ 99.1%
Laundry 730,000+ 98.7%
Operation Breakup 2,790,000+ 99.0%


  • Jason and Matt appear in every sketch this episode.
    • Mallory does not appear in Laundry.
  • Adam only appears in Welcome Back Song.
  • Welcome Back Song is the first sketch in which Jared Shores appears.
  • Laundry is the first PSA sketch of Studio C.
  • Is This a Dream is the highest rated sketch of this episode, while Downton Drama is the lowest rated sketch.
  • This episode features Mr. Eckelstone and Lady Shadow for the first time.
  • Operation Breakup is the most watched sketch of this episode, being the only sketch that has reached two million views.
  • Laundry is the only sketch with less than one million views.

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