Season 1 Episode 8

Spencer meets an old friend, Jason's shoulder devil tries his luck, and Whitney's weight is called into question.

Prop SwitchEdit

What happens to a conversation when you change the prop?

Prop Switch03:02

Prop Switch

Spencer Goes to ClassEdit

Spencer has his own problems at school.

Spencer Goes to Class03:31

Spencer Goes to Class

How Are You FeelingEdit

The feelings board controls you.

How Are You Feeling04:59

How Are You Feeling

Third Wheel SongEdit

This song is dedicated to all of the third wheels out there.

Third Wheel Song03:24

Third Wheel Song

Weighty MattersEdit

There are many forms of torture.

Weighty Matters04:12

Weighty Matters

Shoulder DevilEdit

The shoulder devil is harder to carry than an angel.

Shoulder Devil05:08

Shoulder Devil


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Prop Switch 2,890,000+ 99.2%
Spencer Goes to Class 1,330,000+ 98.0%
How Are You Feeling 3,510,000+ 98.8%
Third Wheel Song 1,780,000+ 97.8%
Weighty Matters 1,480,000+ 98.7%
Shoulder Devil 1,250,000+ 98.9%


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