Season 1 Episode 7

Matt inspires his men to fight the good fight, Jason is dumped through a surrogate, and Mallory remembers her late kitty.

St. Crispin's Day SpeechEdit

A little pump up speech is always a good idea.


St. Crispins Day Speech

Substitute BreakupEdit

Breaking up is hard.

Substitute Breakup03:15

Substitute Breakup

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grocery StoreEdit

The awkward avoidance viking is your best friend.

Awkward Avoidance Viking Grocery Store01:48

Awkward Avoidance Viking Grocery Store

Excuse MeEdit

It's hard to get to where you want to go.

Excuse Me01:27

Excuse Me

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Ex-GirlfriendEdit

Watch as the Awkward Avoidance Viking helps Matt get out of a situation when he runs into his Ex.

Awkward Avoidance Viking Ex-Girlfriend01:23

Awkward Avoidance Viking Ex-Girlfriend

Dead WeddingEdit

Funeral and wedding planning go hand in hand.

Dead Wedding07:07

Dead Wedding

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grandma's HouseEdit

The Awkward Avoidance Viking helps other people too.

Awkward Avoidance Viking Grandma's House01:28

Awkward Avoidance Viking Grandma's House

Dinner PartyEdit

Everything has to be just right when the ladies come over.

Dinner Party05:08

Dinner Party


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
St. Crispin's Day Speech 380,000+ 98.0%
Substitute Breakup 1,440,000+ 99.3%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grocery Store 930,000+ 99.3%
Excuse Me 590,000+ 98.0%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Ex-Girlfriend 1,030,000+ 98.6%
Dead Wedding 1,560,000+ 99.0%
Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grandma's House 940,000+ 99.1%
Dinner Party 1,160,000+ 98.8%


  • This episode features the most sketches out of all the episodes of Season 1 with eight sketches.
  • Jason and Matt appear in every sketch this episode.
  • St. Crispin's Day Speech is the least viewed sketch of this episode, and it's even the least viewed sketch of Studio C, not counting Season 7 sketches that have just been uploaded.
  • Excuse Me is the lowest rated sketch of this episode, with a rating of just below the 98%.
  • Dead Wedding is the longest sketch of this episode, and it's even the longest sketch of Season 1. It's also the most viewed sketch of this episode.

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