Season 1 Episode 6

Matt loses a little blood with Mallory and Jason, Spencer meets his new roommate, and the group meets some new classmates.

Trip to the EREdit

"This is my arm!"

Trip to the ER02:32

Trip to the ER

Generation GapEdit

What would you do if your room mate was really, really young?

Generation Gap05:26

Generation Gap

While You Were OutEdit

Coming back from a trip is stressful.

While You Were Out03:39

While You Were Out

Channel SurfingEdit

Channel surfing makes viewing TV much more interesting.

Channel Surfing03:08

Channel Surfing

Metropolitan Boy ScoutsEdit

Boy Scouts in the city is very different.

Metropolitan Boy Scouts04:27

Metropolitan Boy Scouts

Foreign ExchangeEdit

Foreign exchange students aren't always well behaved.

Foreign Exchange04:38

Foreign Exchange


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Trip to the ER 1,670,000+ 98.7%
Generation Gap 1,330,000+ 98.4%
While You Were Out 2,020,000+ 99.0%
Channel Surfing 4,050,000+ 99.1%
Metropolitan Boy Scouts 1,280,000+ 98.8%
Foreign Exchange 2,390,000+ 98.6%


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