Season 1 Episode 5

The group plays their first gig, Matt works on his New Year's resolution, and Jason learns how to play mafia.

The EntertainmentEdit

The music industry isn't for everyone.

The Entertainment04:08

The Entertainment


One word can go a long way.



New Year's ResolutionEdit

Making New Year's resolutions aren't always good.

New Year's Resolution04:06

New Year's Resolution

Everything Sounds NicerEdit

Singing makes EVERYTHING better!

Everything Sounds Nicer03:06

Everything Sounds Nicer

Google TranslateEdit

Google translate can make life interesting.

Google Translate06:26

Google Translate


The game of Mafia isn't as safe as you think.




Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
The Entertainment 770,000+ 98.0%
Chatterbox 1,170,000+ 98.1%
New Year's Resolution 1,640,000+ 98.5%
Everything Sounds Nicer 1,920,000+ 98.7%
Google Translate 3,020,000+ 98.3%
Mafia 2,290,000+ 98.7%


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