Season 1 Episode 4

The group debates if Dana really is dead, Matt explains the importance of going green, and Whitney directs Matt and Mallory on stage.

Dana's Dead Tongue TwisterEdit

Tongue twisters can be tricky and wet.

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister04:28

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

Man of InterestEdit

Dating takes practice.

Man of Interest04:06

Man of Interest

Bad ExtraEdit

Being an extra is hard. Like, crazy hard. This guy gets it.

Bad Extra03:47

Bad Extra

The Amish Go GreenEdit

Even the Amish are concerned about climate change.

The Amish Go Green04:21

The Amish Go Green

Stage DirectionsEdit

Too many stage directions confuses actors.

Stage Directions06:51

Stage Directions


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Dana's Dead Tongue Twister 2,320,000+ 99.2%
Man of Interest 1,210,000+ 98.6%
Bad Extra 2,040,000+ 99.3%
Amish Go Green 960,000+ 98.2%
Stage Directions 1,390,000+ 97.2%


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