Season 1 Episode 2

Matt and Mallory lose their camera, Jason leads the group on a trek to Oregon, and Shoulder Angel advises against robbery.

What the France?!Edit

If you ever visit France, keep an eye on your stuff.

What The France?!01:34

What The France?!

Shakespearean TherapyEdit

Shakespeare's characters have issues.

Shakespearean Therapy03:24

Shakespearean Therapy


Happy celebirthsary!




I hate it, but I love it.



Facebook PhilanthropistEdit

Together we can "Like" the world.

Facebook Philanthropist02:40

Facebook Philanthropist

The Oregon TrailEdit

The Oregon Trail is full of peril.

The Oregon Trail04:08

The Oregon Trail

Shoulder AngelEdit

Bank robbers have a conscience too.

Shoulder Angel04:37

Shoulder Angel


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
What the France?! 810,000+ 98.9%
Shakespearean Therapy 990,000+ 99.3%
Celebirthsary 2,040,000+ 99.2%
P90X 1,990,000+ 99.0%
Facebook Philanthropist 970,000+ 98.8%
The Oregon Trail 1,540,000+ 98.5%
Shoulder Angel 850,000+ 98.9%


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