Season 1 Episode 10

The Friz has her teaching techniques called into question, Mallory proves her aim isn't too sharp, and the Shoulder Angel meets his greatest challenge yet.

Lord of the DanceEdit

Playing the guitar is so 2011.

Lord of the Dance02:24

Lord of the Dance

Miss Frizzle's Performance ReviewEdit

The Magic School Bus is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Miss Frizzle's Performance Review04:15

Miss Frizzle's Performance Review

Shooting BoothEdit

Always practice gun safety.

Shooting Booth02:50

Shooting Booth


It's not easy to impress your old high school girlfriend.



James AustenEdit

Watching Downton Abbey can have dire consequences.

James Austen05:43

James Austen

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn BradleyEdit

The Shoulder Angel has met his match.

Featuring guest star Shawn Bradley.

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley05:50

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Lord of the Dance 890,000+ 99.4%
Miss Frizzle's Performance Review 1,240,000+ 98.9%
Shooting Booth 2,000,000+ 99.0%
Jealous 1,630,000+ 98.1%
James Austen 1,730,000+ 98.9%
Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley 1,400,000+ 98.9%


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