Robbing Roger Tongue Twister04:34

Robbing Roger Tongue Twister

MM = Matt Meese, SH = Stacey Harkey, JG = Jason Gray, ME = Mallory Everton (Winnifred), AB = Adam Berg (Roger)

MM: Hear ye! We will now commence the trial of the rougish rascal roger!

SH: The rougish rascal roger? What rank of wrongful ruse has Roger wrought?

JG: Roger robbed my wobbly wagon of its really weird rear wheels!

SH: AH! wobbly-wheel robbing! Did Roger rob your wobbly white wagon?

JG: No! Ralph robbed my wobbly white wagon, roger robbed my wobbly red wagon!


SH: AH! The weird witch Winnifred!

ME: Rescind your wretched rabble-rousing! Roger was wrongfully renounced for I watched him riding rear-ward in his wobbly red wheelbarrow whilst whistling warbles to his wartful warthog.

MM: What?

ME: Thus the wobbly red wagon wheels which Roger robbed are really his warped red wheelbarrow wheels.

SH: The witch rectified that report.


MM: So, to wrap up, the rougish rascal Roger robbed the really weird rear wheels of the wobbly red wagon, but the wicked witch Winnifred rectified the report redeeming Roger of his woeful wrongdoing, RELEASE HIM!!!

[JG sprays AB with Water]

JG: Water!!!

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