Prince CharmingEdit

Prince Charming is a Studio C Character. He is seen trying to wake up princesses that have fallen asleep and need true love's kiss to awake them. Yet, the prince always finds an excuse not to kiss her. When he finally is about to kiss her, he is pushed out of the way and someone else kisses the Princess.


He wears a Prince Phillip Costume from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Prince Charming's First KissEdit

Don't worry Prince Charming, that first kiss is always a little awkward.

Prince Charming's First Kiss05:32

Prince Charming's First Kiss

Prince Charming's Other First KissEdit

Prince Charming is FINALLY going to get his lucky break, kiss a fair maiden and whisk her off to happily ever after land, right? Stay tuned and find out if Snow White (minus her seven dwarves) is the girl for the prince!

Prince Charming's Other First Kiss04:57

Prince Charming's Other First Kiss

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