The Hunger Games Musical Mockingjay Parody - Peeta's Song

The Hunger Games Musical Mockingjay Parody - Peeta's Song

Peeta's Song Lyrics

by Studio C

District 12. Katniss Everdeen is dyin'.
So hungry she's no longer tryin'.
Well honey look around.
'Cause Peeta sees a hottie to save.
And his Mama don't like it, but Peeta's SO BRAVE.

Takes a good loaf o' bread and he burns it black.
Throws it in the mud.
Girl, I got yo back. Mmm.
Just a little favor for the chick he digs
And by the way he gave half to the pigs.

Catchin' Fire. Katniss goin' back to the games.
Girl needs an ally, here's the next name.
It's Haymitch. The victor of the last Quarter Quell.
Could there be a better ally than him? Pray tell.

He's studied the games the past 25 years.
I'll save you, Katniss.
Peeta volunteers!

Katniss should be on Team Peeta. Oh.
He’s slightly useless, but there’s no one sweeter. No!
He’s like a cute little dog with a camouflaged head.
Girls can’t resist the boy with the bread.

You never know what strategy Peeta will try.
Like joining the careers, or crawling away to die.
Unpredictable, he ain't typical.
Ok, in looks and fighting I guess he's typical. Uh!

Fog almost killed him.
Mags gave her life for him.
Monkey almost killed him.
Morphling gave her life for him.
Wounds almost killed him.
Katniss risked her life for him.
A real man’s not afraid to let women die for him.

Peeta really ought to get the girl, yeah!
He’s good at being cute and hiding like a squirrel, and,
He’s not ashamed to be vulnerable, or helpless, or dead
Girl, don’t friend-zone the boy with the bread.

Peeta goes after the things he wants, and no obstacle’s too much.
The man brushes force-fields just to get CPR 'cause his love language is touch.

He throws large weights wherever he aims.
A power so special, never used it in the games.
He's a hostage now, and you know that you miss 'em.
Peeta’s your boo, now lean down and kiss ‘em!

Peeta wins your heart by being pleasant, oh,
Like that one time he told the world, “Hey guys, she's pregnant!” Whoa!
You know some folks will say, choose the hot one instead.
Girl, don’t pass up the boy with the bread.

Careful, there’s a force-field.
Team Peeta!
What’s your favorite color?
Team Peeta!
Katniss, go, get out of here, go.
Team Peeta!
I watched you go home every day, every day.
Team Peeta!