No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

No Such Thing as a Stupid Question


Whitney: And that, class, is everything you need to know about mitosis. Any questions? Yes, Derek?
Matt: Um, this might be a stupid question.
Whitney: There's no such thing as a stupid question, Derek.
Matt: How is mitosis...
Whitney: How is mitosis what?
Matt: How is mitosis?
Whitney: Like, how is it doing?
Matt: Yeah, like, is he okay?
Whitney: Mitosis is a cellular process, Derek.
Matt: Oh, okay. Me too. Thanks.

Whitney: Any other questions about mitosis?
Natalie: Uh, yeah, this one's probably really dumb.
Whitney: No questions are dumb.
Natalie: Okay, so about mitosis- If I were to eat my cell phone battery, would I die?
Whitney: Probably.
Natalie: Okay, follow-up question, also about mitosis. Where is the nearest hospital?
Whitney: Broadway.
Natalie: Yeah, bye.
Whitney: Dana, are you okay?

Stephen: Mrs. Johnson, this is probably a stupid question.
Whitney: The only stupid question is the one that remains unasked.
Stephen: Can I ask you a question?
Whitney: Yes.
Stephen: That was my question.
Whitney: Really?

Jeremy: Hey, this is a lame question.
Whitney: A question is the heart crying out for truth!
Jeremy: Purified water, enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste?
Whitney: Are you just reading the back of your water bottle?
Jeremy: Zero calories per bottle, 16.9 floz.
Whitney: That's not even a question. Do you even know what a question is?
Jeremy: What is a question?
Matt: I was wondering that too.
Whitney: Listen! Listen to your words, boy.

Stacey: Okay, but like, this is a stupid question.
Whitney: I'll be the judge of that!
Stacey: Okay, just-
Stacey screams.

Mallory: Mrs. Johnson?
Whitney: Test me, child, for I have never heard a stupid question, and I never will!
Mallory: In mitosis, does anaphase come before prophase, or...
Whitney: Of course not, you idiot girl! You've proven me wrong, I guess stupid questions do exist! Get out your workbooks! Seriously.

Natalie: False alarm. It was my iPod battery, not my cell phone battery. We're fine.
Whitney: That's still dangerous.
Natalie: All right.