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Matt Meese

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Well it looks like half of these are either about me getting hit in the face or people remembering me getting hit in the face. You people are monsters. ;) Thanks for being awesome to me and my crew. We appreciate all of you so much, and we're gonna keep sending you our best stuff in 2017. Maybe even more from Scott, but no promises, you animals. Happy New Year. #BeSafe #2016bestnine#IForgotIKilledThatTree #Regret#FacePalm #FaceSmash#ImGladSomePizzaMadeTheCutAgainThisYear #studioc #scottsterling

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You never know what you'll find when you walk into secluded make up rooms at #studioc. Like @remallory standing by herself in front of a well lit mirror, quietly eating her pizza.#privacy

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