Mates of StateEdit

Mates of State

You may have been looking for someone specific named Jason. If you were, you might be able to find it here.​

Mates of State are an American indie pop duo, consisting of husband and wife Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner. They have been active in the music industry since 1997, and they have released seven studio albums and four EPs. They have also written songs for the soundtrack of multiple television series, like Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty and The Killing, and they have appeared on an episode of the Late Show with David Letterman in 2011. Since 2013, their song I Want to Run has been featured as the theme song for Studio C. They have also appeared in two (three) sketches of studio C with their songs Dealbreaker and Kill the Whales.

I Want To RunEdit

This song is currently the theme song of Studio C. It has been played during the intro of Studio C since Season 2.

I Wanna Run - Mates Of State02:41

I Wanna Run - Mates Of State


Deal Breaker!

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)03:51

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)

Kill The WhalesEdit


Don't Save The Whales03:41

Don't Save The Whales

Song only:

Mates of State Kill The Whales Anthem03:44

Mates of State Kill The Whales Anthem

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