Man of Interest

Man of Interest

"Dating takes practice."

"Dating takes practice and sometimes some coaching. Watch as Whitney takes a course on love with her very own dating dummy."


Jason: Hello again, female co-ed. And welcome to Chapter 6 of The Dating Guide. Today we will discuss the first kiss. For this chapter, you'll need your practice dummy, included in the dating kit.

Jason: Now seat your dummy on a couch or comfortable chair.

Jason: Remember, do not go for the kiss too soon, hasty girls will get a disappointing peck on the cheek and a let's-just-be-friends-handshake-goodnight. Now drape the dummy's arm around your shoulders.

Jason: Test your breath. Does it smell like feminine vulnerability? Good. Now rest your head on your dummy's shoulder. But be careful: You don't want to remind your date of a cat begging for tuna.

Jason: That's better. If your man of interest catches on to this subtle gesture and approves, he will rest his head on yours.

Jason: Now every moment is key. Look at your man of interest until he turns to look at you.

Jason: Glance at his lips. Then look away. Then back at his lips. Let your man of interest congratulate himself on successfully wooing his woman of choice before he moves closer. Allow the tension to build. Wait for it. And…

Mallory: Hey Whitney.
Whitney: Oh Mallory, hi. Sorry, I was just um... do… um... I was just practicing.
Mallory: Yes, I see you've met my brother Jeremy?
Whitney: Brother?
Jeremy: Mallory, I was this close!
Mallory: You're disgusting!


  • This sketch was uploaded on the same day as the episode aired on BYUtv.
  • This is the fifth sketch written by Whitney (Call) Meek, and it's the second sketch in a row written by her.
  • This is the tenth sketch in a row to be directed by Julian Riley.
  • This is the first sketch since Reference Check to have a voice-only role.
  • Matt Meese doesn't appear in this sketch, which makes it the only sketch of Season 1 Episode 4 where he isn't a part of the sketch.
  • This is only the first out of two sketches not included in the episode description. The second sketch is Bad Extra.

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