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Mallory Everton

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AHHJDIDJDJDJDKSNSSJSISGGGHSHSGSGHSHAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Wishing you a very excited Christmas Eve from me and my big brother Beau!!!

Mallory Insta 3

Someone sciencey please explain how one of the cubes in my ice tray ended up like this. My best guess is that I just murder-froze a tiny invisible unicorn.

Mallory Insta 2

Because voting = a car horn. It's our way of saying, "hey, I'm here--- please don't murder me, giant semi truck." The semi truck being the government. But let's be honest sometimes douchebags lean on their horns without the slightest provocation or gross dudes honk at you when you're walking on the street, so it's not a perfect analogy. I really just put it there because the circle was exactly the perfect size for the sticker. #popofcolor

Mallory Insta 1

Went shopping for a very specific dress for @kayra17 today. 😍😍😍(PS - IT'S STUNNING BUT I CAN'T SHOW YOU, IT'LL MELT YOUR EYES) #maidsofhonor

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