Do you enjoy Studio C? Do you enjoy The Lord of the Rings? Do you like them together? If you do, you will LOVE this page.

Lord of the WingmanEdit

Make sure to avoid your wingsam.

Lord of the Wingman03:15

Lord of the Wingman

Shallow MalEdit

Beauty is only skin deep and so is ugliness.

Shallow Mal04:05

Shallow Mal

Gandalf InterventionEdit

Gandalf needs a little help.

Gandalf Intervention04:26

Gandalf Intervention

Gollum's Internal StruggleEdit

How many personalities does Sméagol have?

Gollum's Internal Struggle04:14

Gollum's Internal Struggle

Lord of the PotterEdit

What will happen when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter meets the Middle Earth World of the Lord of the Rings?!?! All we can say is it is EPIC!

Lord of the Potter05:24

Lord of the Potter

The True Story of Lewis and ClarkEdit

Watch the story of how Lewis and Clark start on an unexpected journey across America with the a small Hobbit named Frodo Baggins.

The True Story of Lewis and Clark03:59

The True Story of Lewis and Clark

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