Lord of the Dance02:24

Lord of the Dance

"Playing the guitar is so 2011."

"The guy with the guitar always is the center of the attention with the ladies. But what happens when the mighty pan flute joins the party? Watch and see if the girls are impressed."


James: Oh, Stephen! There they are!
Stephen: Oh man. I didn't know Jeremy was gonna be here.
James: I know. He's always the center of attention with that stupid guitar.
Stephen: I swear, if he plays Wonderwall one more time…
James: No, Stephen, we got this, okay? It's gonna work out just like we planned.

James: Hey, ladies. Play the song, Stephen.
Stephen: Yeah.
Jeremy: Pfrt.
Whitney: Yeah.
Natalie: Yeah.
James: Dude, come on, man. They're… Pull yourself together!
Stephen: I don't remember…

Stacey: Okay, this is the saddest thing I've ever seen.
Matt: Stephen needs our help.
Stacey: Let's do it.

Stephen: You like that?
Whitney: Mhm.
Stephen: Maybe you'll learn a man's instrument next time!


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The end slate for this sketch shows a black screen with the text "STUDIO C MON @ 9 ET / 7 MT".

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