Kyle is a hyperactive child. In the first sketch Kyle was in, he was with his father looking for Aladdin's Lamp. It goes wrong when Kyle rubs the lamp, making him the Genie's master. First he wishes for a pizza, then he wishes for an Xbox, and with his last wish he wished for Reese's Pieces for all the world.

Kyle's Three WishesEdit

You've got three wishes...don't mess this up.

Kyle's Three Wishes03:17

Kyle's Three Wishes

Kyle's Hyper HolidayEdit

Mall Santa's have a tough gig.

Kyle's Very Hyper Holiday03:12

Kyle's Very Hyper Holiday

Kyle's Ride AlongEdit

Never bring Kyle to a Crime Scene.

Kyle's Ride Along03:15

Kyle's Ride Along

Kyle's Hyper HalloweenEdit

Halloween, candy and Kyle make for a very interesting evening for his parents.

Kyle's Hyper Halloween04:22

Kyle's Hyper Halloween

Kyle gets MarriedEdit

Hyperactive Kyle takes his life to the next level and "settles down" and gets married. ...or does he? Join the reception and watch a wedding celebration to remember!

Kyle Gets Married03:36

Kyle Gets Married

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