The Hunger Games Musical Mockingjay Parody - Katniss' Song02:47

The Hunger Games Musical Mockingjay Parody - Katniss' Song

Katniss' Song Lyrics

by Studio C

Things are pretty bad these days.
Every year there's children dying
In the Hunger Games in gruesome ways.
They leave their starving families crying.

District 12 is history.
My loved ones are dead or refugees.
And now my biggest question is,
Who is going to be my husband?

Maybe Gale! Maybe Peeta!
I have to choose right now!
'Cause I'm 17, not getting any younger.

It's like a season of Bachelorette with only two contestants,
And a bride who needs parental consent.

Gale and I have chemistry.
I know ‘cause we spent years together in secluded woods,
And never dated.
Which probably means that he respects me.

Peeta never caught my eye.
I wish I had looked down more.
But when I had to choose between death and kissing him Totally kissed him, instead of dying.

Maybe Gale, Maybe Peeta. I know it's one of them!
They're the only boys I've ever really talked to.
Never been in a relationship, well guess what, I'm in two!
Now which one should I choose?
Sing it, ghost of Rue!

Katniss, you got a tough choice,
Girl, I wouldn't wanna be in your place!

You could choose Peeta to make up
for the time you dropped a beehive on his face.

Gale, though, he saved all your family.
You owe him for sure.

One thing is certain:
You need a man,
You just got two choices,
And you gotta choose soon,
And it can't wait till the end of the war!

Maybe Gale, maybe Peeta.
This choice is super hard!
Because all my life, I was never really into either!


The trilogy's almost over,
I still don't know what I'll do
Good thing this final movie's split into two!!!

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