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Jason Gray Actor/Writer for Studio C

Jason Insta 8

At my old high school supporting my Mountain View Mavs #mountainviewmavericks #gomavs#basketball

Jason Insta 6

Hey guys I promised at the end of this sketch that I would make a music video showing off my sick dance moves if it got 30,000 likes. It's only is 600 likes away!!! (You guys rock) and I already made the music video. As soon as it hits the magic number I will upload it. So go like it!!#nesmusicvideo #studioc #nes #nintendo #bestfansever

Jason Insta 5

TBT to a 12 year old me with the best lab in the world #ripjazz

Jason Insta 4

Good news! Alice had her surgery and miraculously there was no cyst! She is feeling so good they are even letting her come home tonight. She did however add to her cool scar count  #notcomplaining Thanks so much for all the prayers and fasts. Love you all #alicestrong #feelingblessed

Jason Insta 3

On Thursday Alice had an MRI and unexpectedly they found a cyst which has been making her brain swell. Tomorrow she goes into surgery, any prayers/fasts will be greatly appreciated. #alicestrong

Jason Insta 2

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! I'll be on for the next 30 minutes to answer questions :) #studioc #season7 #bludman

Jason Inst 1

Happy Halloween!!! #halloween1999[ #anotherthrowbackstopitjasonitstoomuch

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