United StatesEdit

United States wears a jean jacket, a red, white, and blue shirt with stars and stripes, jeans and boots. Her personality is determined by an American stereotype, made by Americans. She's patriotic, usually thinks of other countries as boring, but she thinks that other countries are always in need of her help.

(Great) BritainEdit

Great Britain wears a shirt with an Union Jack on it, and he has bad teeth. His personality is also determined by a British stereotype, made by Americans. According to the sketches, Great Britain is still scarred by the Declaration of Independence, and still (desperately) tries to reclaim the United States to be a part of the British Empire. Britain always comes in saying "Oh hi USA!".

International RelationsEdit

International relations get a little tense when America meets Britain at the super market.

International Relations

International Relations

Republicans vs. DemocratsEdit

U.S.A. is in a custody battle between the republicans and democrats.

Republicans vs

Republicans vs. Democrats