Mad Hark is the YouTube channel created by Studio C members Natalie Madsen and Stacey Harkey for fun, non-sketch-related videos that are "too long to post to our individual Instagram accounts." Click here for more updates on social media.

Hamilton Lip SyncEdit

We were waiting backstage for a Studio C live show to start... then all of a sudden we were lip syncing Non-Stop. Enjoy! :) :)

Studio C Cast Lip Syncs Hamilton FULL VIDEO06:29

Studio C Cast Lip Syncs Hamilton FULL VIDEO

Jelly Bean ChallengeEdit

On our trip to California we decided to buy Jelly Belly Beanboozled and play the game. You randomly pick a Jelly bean and pray that it's one of two flavors. One is always HORRIBLE and the other is pleasant.

Studio C Jelly Bean Challenge05:53

Studio C Jelly Bean Challenge

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