The Hunger Games Musical Mockingjay Parody - Gale's Song

The Hunger Games Musical Mockingjay Parody - Gale's Song

Gale's Song Lyrics

by Studio C

Well there's a girl I know, she's everything I'd ever need.
Brown hair, soft eyes, kills children.
And she's always been just like a sister to me.
A hot sister I occasionally kiss.

Will she choose Team Gale?
The boy who sees into her heart.

I don't bake bread, but at least I'm not stale.
And I don't style my hair in a stupid part.

You know, we speak the same love language:
Killing birds.

And when I flipped out and got
flogged at the square, she stayed
up all night and rubbed my back with ice.
I wonder, could that trick work twice?

I can see our wedding colors.
Sunflower and mint, ivory chiffon gown with a sequined veil.
And then we use our special pet names.
I call her Catnip. She calls me-

So tell me that you'll choose me maybe.
I been hopin', I been prayin'.
No, I'm not the dad of your fake baby,
But neither is Peeta, that's all I'm sayin'.

I know that I'm no Peeta.
I'm not average-looking or super grating.
I'm just your hot best friend who saved your family.
So look around, 'cause I'm here waiting.