Gabe Casdorph

Gabe Casdorph was born on April 3, 1982, in Charleston, West Virginia. He graduated high school in 2000 and was recruited by BYU for track and field. At BYU, he studied Media Arts with emphases in Acting, Directing and Production Design. After moving back and forth across the country, he moved back to Provo, Utah in 2010, where he started working with Studio C.

He is the segment gaffer of Studio C, which means he takes care of lighting during the sketches. Aside from this, he has also been the art director of several episodes of Season 2. He has also played as a cameraman during the behind-the-scenes footage in several episodes of Season 7. He has directed several sketches, and he is the cinematographer of the opening title sequence of seasons 3 to 7.

He has appeared in several sketches as an extra, and he co-wrote "Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016.

Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016 Edit

Pamela Landy is absorbed in her new projects when, out of the blue, Jason Bourne returns for more epic adventures!

Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 201603:05

Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016

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