Everything Sounds Nicer

Everything Sounds Nicer

"Singing makes EVERYTHING better!"

"Giving people bad news is always hard. Watch Studio C give bad news in a nice way."


  • This sketch was uploaded on the same day as the episode aired on BYUtv.
  • This is the first featured song since State of Mind.
    • This is the first time a Cast member sings an entire song.
  • This is the second sketch to be directed by Nick Stentzel, after Bad Extra.
  • This is the first time all ten Cast members appear together in a sketch.
  • This is the first sketch to be filmed off-set since Bad Extra.
  • This is the first sketch to be written by Mallory Everton since Dana's Dead Tongue Twister, and the first sketch since Two Truths and a Lie to be only written by her (no co-writers).
  • This is the first time at least one Cast member plays multiple roles in a sketch.

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The end slate for this sketch shows a black screen with the text "STUDIO C MON @ 9 ET / 7 MT".

Season 1 Episode 5
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