Derek Marquis

Derek MarquisEdit

Derek Marquis is one of the three executive producers of Studio C.

Derek Marquis earned a bachelor's degree in Communications from BYU in 1988, and during his study, he started working for BYUtv in 1984.

He returned to work as a full-time employee in 1991. In the years between his employments, he has worked as a writer, producer and anchor for the Public Affairs Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-day Saints, as a news anchor and reporter for KSL Radio, and as a news director for KUER Radio in Salt Lake City.

His book is called Till Debt Due Us Part, a book about personal finance, and he has written and instructed a BYU Independent Study course by the same name.

He was named managing director for BYU Broadcasting in 2007, although he has worked as Director of Development & Marketing before that. He is also the Owner and President of his own media company Marquis Media Source.

He is currently the Executive Producer of several television series on BYUtv, including Random Acts, Granite Flats, Turning Point and Studio C.

His programs have been awarded over 60 Emmy Awards.

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