TMNT DanceEdit

Kindred Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle spirits. They're in for a big surprise.

TMNT Dance01:52

TMNT Dance

Bad Timing: The MusicalEdit

A simple proposal in front of Matt's family, isn't the best time for a musical number. Will Matt still wished he had asked Whitney by the end? Watch and find out.

Bad Timing The Musical03:40

Bad Timing The Musical

Lord of the DanceEdit

Playing the guitar is so last year.

Lord of the Dance02:24

Lord of the Dance

Meant to Do ThatEdit

Just play it cool.

Meant to Do That03:21

Meant to Do That

El Tango de ChairEdit

It takes two, and a chair, to tango.

El Tango de Chair02:32

El Tango de Chair

The DropEdit

Wait for it...

The Drop02:20

The Drop

Bollyside StoryEdit

Be careful where you go at night.

Bollyside Story01:59

Bollyside Story

Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls CoupleEdit

The EDM music of Kaskade's new album, Automatic, is powerful enough to influence you to do anything.

Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls Couple04:48

Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls Couple

DANCE BATTLE: Boys Vs GirlsEdit

The stakes are high when two groups of friends perform the ultimate dance battle at the club... Boys Vs Girls! Brooklyn and Bailey and the girls of Studio C Battle the boys while fighting for their table or their honor!

DANCE BATTLE Boys Vs Girls - ft03:36

DANCE BATTLE Boys Vs Girls - ft. Brooklyn and Bailey

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