Cast Favorites

Listen in on personal insights from the Studio C cast as they reveal their Top 10 sketches. From "Dungeons and Dragons and Girls" and "Super Siblings" to "The Bachelorette," you'll find out why each sketch is a favorite.

Dungeons and DragonsEdit

Dungeons and Dragons geeks meet...a girl.

Dungeons and Dragons06:45

Dungeons and Dragons

Captain IronyEdit

Captain Literally's world is getting a little crowded.

Captain Irony02:11

Captain Irony

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)Edit

Deal Breaker!

Featuring guest stars Mates of State.

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)03:51

Deal Breaker (featuring Mates of State)

Superman's SiblingEdit

Superman is super annoying as a brother.

Superman's Sibling04:03

Superman's Sibling

Hibiscus BisqueEdit

Now we know what the Bisque man's favorite flower is!!!!

Hibiscus Bisque06:03

Hibiscus Bisque

Snape on the BacheloretteEdit

This really isn't a hard decision Mallory.

Snape on The Bachelorette04:31

Snape on The Bachelorette

Teddy's Story JointEdit

Every great story came from Ted's Story Joint!

Featuring guest star Kenny Baldwin.

Teddy's Story Joint - Studio C04:42

Teddy's Story Joint - Studio C

Context is Everything (featuring Rogue Wave)Edit

A big thanks to Rogue Wave for helping with this video!

Context is Everything (featuring Rogue Wave)03:14

Context is Everything (featuring Rogue Wave)

International RelationsEdit

International relations get a little tense when America meets Britain at the super market.

International Relations - Studio C05:13

International Relations - Studio C

Love from AfarEdit

Be still my heart...

Love From Afar03:06

Love From Afar


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Dungeons and Dragons 1,910,000+ 98.3%
Captain Irony 1,640,000+ 98.9%
Deal Breaker 1,420,000+ 96.8%
Superman's Sibling 2,630,000+ 98.3%
Hibiscus Bisque 1,230,000+ 98.5%
Snape on The Bachelorette 2,240,000+ 98.4%
Teddy's Story Joint 1,810,000+ 99.3%
Context is Everything 1,050,000+ 94.4%
International Relations 5,000,000+ 98.4%
Love From Afar 2,130,000+ 98.7%


  • This episode is the fifth special of Studio C, and also the third special in a row, after Season 1 Favorites and Season 2 Favorites.
  • This episode only features reused sketches from Season 3.
  • These sketches are the best sketches of Season 3 Episode 1 to Season 3 Episode 8, according to the cast.
  • This special features three songs, Deal Breaker, Context is Everything and Love From Afar.
  • Adam appears in nine out of ten sketches. Mallory, Matt and James all appear in eight out of ten sketches.
  • The two bands Mates of State and Rogue Wave re-appear in this special. Kenny Baldwin also makes an appearance.
    • Jared Shores makes a cameo appearance in Context is Everything.
  • This special features Dungeons and Dragons, Captain Literally, the Bisque Man and International Relations.
  • There are only two sketches with a rating below the 98%. These are Deal Breaker and Context is Everything, coincidentally the only two sketches with a band as guest stars.
    • Only Teddy's Story Joint has a rating higher than 99%.
  • International Relations is the only sketch with more than five million views.
  • For more trivia about the original episodes of these sketches, click on the titles of the sketches.

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