Bisque ManEdit

The Bisque Man is totally obsessed with bisque. He is played by James Perry and Jason Gray (The Wrong Sketch). He has been described as a dapper gentleman.

He always is talking about Bisque, and how great his 'Bisque-ness' is doing. He thinks he looks handsome, and loves making tons of different types of Bisques. He always wears thick glasses, and a trademark tuxedo. He has made at least 47 types of bisque to date. His accent is very unusual, and it sounds like 'Oobvioussley!' It's very hard to explain.

Lobster BisqueEdit

The Lobster Bisque is the best!

Lobster Bisque04:34

Lobster Bisque

The Wrong SketchEdit

Season 3 of Studio C is here!

The Wrong Sketch04:46

The Wrong Sketch

Hibiscus BisqueEdit

Who cares about flowers? I want bisque!

Hibiscus Bisque06:03

Hibiscus Bisque

Meet the Bisque FamilyEdit

Lobster bisque runs in the family.

Meet the Bisque Family05:47

Meet the Bisque Family

Lobster Bisque OpportunitiesEdit

Bisque is Back!

Lobster Bisque Opportunities05:41

Lobster Bisque Opportunities

Studio C Season 50Edit

Season 6 of Studio C is here! We're so excited we're giving you a sneak peak at the next 44 seasons of Studio C.

Studio C Season 5006:01

Studio C Season 50

How To Make Lobster BisqueEdit

(This video will be available on a later date.)

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