Bane's Birthday Party04:01

Bane's Birthday Party


Matt: All right everyone, it looks like he's gonna be an hour late. Sorry.
Whitney: Well, we could start the party now, and just hide when he gets here?
Matt: That's a great idea, Whit. I really like that a lot. Let's um… Hey, is that…?
James: Oh, come on man. Matt, why did you invite Bane?
Matt: Well, I didn't! He just showed up!
James: Well, tell him to leave!
Matt: Okay.

Matt: He can stay. Listen, let's just play it cool and not do anything to upset him. Go… go try and start a conversation with him.
James: Why? But… I… about...?
Matt: Just whatever, you know.

James: Hey, man. Um… I was gonna...get you a drink. Oh, I'm so sorry.
Jason: Why do you apologize?
James: Oh yeah, just… must be difficult with the mask to…
Jason: To be honest, I don't even notice it's there. That was very good punch.
James: Okay.

Matt: What did he say?
James: I don't know. I can't understand him, but I think he wants to punch my face good.
Matt: We need to keep him busy. Um… everyone? We're gonna… play some Charades. I'll be in charge…
Jason: Do you feel in charge?
Matt: Bane is in charge, everyone. You can go first, and we will all try to guess what you're acting out.
Jason: Alright. Got it.

Mallory: Okay, one word. Warfare.
James: A bomb.
Stacey: Chemical warfare.
Whitney: A monster.
Matt: Nuclear bomb.
Whitney: Killer robots.
Stephen: Temple of Doom.
James: Taking off someone's…
Stacey: Killer squids.
Mallory: Children at war.
Matt: Ripping in parts.
Whitney: Okay, okay. Hunger Games. No?
Stephen: Lord of the Flies.
Stacey: A kitten playing with yarn!
Jason: Well done! The rest of you have serious issues.
Matt: Maybe we misjudged him?
James: Yeah, I mean, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

Jeremy: Alright!

Cast: No! Limbo, limbo! Yeah! No! Limbo! Yeah!

Matt: What a great guy! I can't believe we were so scared of him.
James: I know, right?

Matt: Guys, guys! He's gonna be here any second, everyone hide! I'll get the lights!
Jason: Ah, you think the darkness is your ally? When the candles are blown, and the cake is...cake is eaten, then you have my permission to die.
Stephen: Bane.
Jason: Batman?
Matt: You two know each other?
Stephen: Let's finish this.
Jason: I've been waiting for you.

Jason: When did our friendship get off track
Stephen: I think it might have been when you broke my back
Jason: I'm sorry, I never meant to do you wrong
Stephen: You tried to blow up Gotham with an atom bomb
Cast: With an atom bomb
With an atom bomb
With an atom bomb
With an atom bomb
With an atom bomb
With an atom bomb
With an atom bomb

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