Bad Timing The Musical

Bad Timing The Musical


Matt: Okay, excuse me, everyone, could I have your attention, please, for just a moment? Whitney, can I get you to come over here?
Whitney: Matt, what are you doing?
Matt: I'm sorry, I know you don't like to be the center of attention and I know you're not one for big speeches, so I'll just say it. Will you marry me?
Jason: Congratulations, son.
Matt: Well, hang on, hang on, she hasn't said yes yet.
Whitney: Matthew...

I'm feeling something, something inside me
Like a fire, or something warm

Matt: What are you doing?

In my heart I can see
You and me
Golly gee

You know your birthday
You know Fridays and Halloween
And Christmas' Eve
And all the days between

Matt: Where are you going with this?

None of them compare to this day

Matt: What?!

I've already got our children's names
We'll have Johnny and Betsy and Bill and James
Oh, can you feel it, Matthew
Oh, can you feel it, Matthew

Mallory: Oh, could you… I'm so sorry. Whitney? Whitney?
Matt: Oh, Whitney, can you...get off the table? My mom spent a lot of time… The table is a family heirloom.

Mrs. Meese, you think your son could do better

Mallory: It's true!

Mr. Meese, your breath is worse than that sweater

Mallory: It's true!

But we'll pretend to get along

Mallory: Okay, thank you, okay.
Matt: Mom, I'm so sorry.
Mallory: Matthew!

Come to the wedding, it'll be a blast
Yeah, there's toasters or blenders or a wad of cash

Natalie: Oh. No. Oh, please!
Whitney: Come on, granny!
Natalie: I don't dance anymore!

Ooh, it's shiny
I'm your wifey
Your turtledove
Matthew, oh Matthew, my love

Adam, you're upset 'cause we dated each other
And then I fell in love with your little brother
But call me sis and please move on

Whitney: Come on, everyone! On your feet, Matthew!

You know weekdays, you know Kwanzaa
And Hanukkah and Mardi Gras
And all the days between

Jason: How long is this song?

None of them come close
No, none of them, I say
To this one special day

Matt: I think that's a yes, everyone.
Adam: I'm still in love with you, I…

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