Awkward Avoidance Viking Grocery Store

Awkward Avoidance Viking Grocery Store

"The awkward avoidance viking is your best friend."

"Your favorite Viking is back, this time it is to help Matt as he goes grocery shopping."


James: Hey.
Matt: Hey… James.
James: Yeah.
Matt: Hi, I haven't seen you for at least…
James: Seven years.
Matt: Seven. Wow. I meant to call, I've just been so busy… for seven years.
James: Yeah.
Matt: Yeah. Listen, I gotta… buy some more food...
James: Yeah.
Matt: ...but uh… I'll give you a call sometime, we'll hang out or whatever.
James: That sounds great!
Matt: Yeah, yeah.
James: Cool.
Matt: Good to see you.
James: Yeah, it was good to see you too.
Matt: Yeah.

Matt: (Oh great, I just said goodbye to him, now I'm going to have to say something awkward, like "It seems we meet again"... Maybe I can get away before he notices... Nope, dang it. Why did I come down this aisle, I don't even like frozen food- hello taquitos... focus! Okay, how do I make this as unawkward as possible?)

Matt: (Ah, the Awkward Avoidance Viking!)


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