Awkward Avoidance Viking Grandma's House01:28

Awkward Avoidance Viking Grandma's House

"The awkward avoidance viking helps other people too."

"Our favorite Viking is back and this time it is to help Matt and his grandma. Watch as our favorite Viking helps fix, yet another, awkward moment."



Elizabeth Funk: Oh, you're so sweet to visit. You look tired though. Why don't you go over to the fridge and get yourself something to drink?
Matt: Oh, okay. Do you want anything?
Elizabeth Funk: No, I'm fine. Help yourself though.
Matt:Oh, okay.


Matt: Ugh, how much milk does one woman need? She is losing it.


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The end slate for this sketch shows a black screen with the text "STUDIO C MON @ 9 ET / 7 MT".

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