Awkward Avoidance Viking Ex-Girlfriend01:23

Awkward Avoidance Viking Ex-Girlfriend

"The awkward avoidance viking helps in your dating life too."

"Watch as the Awkward Avoidance Viking helps Matt get out of a situation when he runs into his Ex."


Matt: ...well, and then-
Whitney: Hey Matt!
Matt: Hey, Whit. How…'s good to see you.
Whitney: Yeah. Who's this?
Matt: What? This is uhm… Mallory.
Whitney: Oh, is this your friend from work?

Mallory: Uh, what was that? Do you guys have some sort of history or were you dating or… were you dating her when we started dating?
Matt: No…
Mallory: Don't lie to me!
Matt: Well, I'm not. It's just...


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The end slate of this video shows a black screen with "STUDIO C, MON @ 9 ET / 7 MT".

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